Giving back to the communities where we live, work and serve

We know that our team members want to be part of something bigger. And when given the opportunity to make a meaningful difference in their own communities, our proud team members reward us with their ongoing commitment and loyalty. Since 2007, TELUS International and our team members have impacted the lives of more than a million people across the globe through our volunteer activities and charitable giving, including Community Board donations.

TELUS Days of Giving: In addition to our ongoing, often weekly, charitable activities across TELUS International, once a year we focus our efforts on our participation in TELUS Days of Giving. Thousands of our team members put aside their daily activities to join a common cause, whether it’s building entire schools in Central America, refurbishing centers for young children in Eastern Europe or constructing entire villages for the homeless in the Philippines. In 2021, we found new ways to make a difference from virtual running challenges, to distributing hygiene kits and school supplies to students in need, to delivering care packages to healthcare workers, to keeping kids safe online with TELUS Wise. In 2021, we volunteered 70,000 hours, demonstrating the resiliency of our caring culture.

Community Boards: Created in 2005 by our parent company, TELUS, 13 Canadian community boards and five international boards have led the company’s support of grassroots charities. TELUS International’s five Community Boards are making a positive impact in Bulgaria, El Salvador, Guatemala, the Philippines and Romania, each with a $100,000 annual donation budget. In 2021, the $500,000 investment funded 67 projects.

Providing assistance to those most in need

TELUS International and our team members around the world are there to support those most in need:

  • The TELUS International team in Bulgaria donated more than $100,000 in funding and in-kind donations to 37 non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and educational institutions in 2021. As an example, Bulgaria team members helped two wheelchair basketball teams with support to purchase a specialized trailer, so they can transport sports wheelchairs while traveling to tournaments
  • TELUS International El Salvador and our team members donated more than $200,000 in cash donations in the country, supporting 47 NGOs, including $100,000 to fund a fully remodeled neonatal unit at the Benjamin Bloom National Children’s Hospital and to renovate the facilities of the “Ayúdame a vivir” Medical Center for pediatric cancer patients
  • Team members from 20 locations in Europe voted on which charities they want TELUS International to support, selecting 27 non-profit organizations and supporting them with $70,000
  • TELUS International Guatemala and our team members invested $420,000 in cash donations in the community in 2021, working with 44 charities during the year
  • Our team in India funded the education, meals and medica l needs (doctor, vaccination, eye and dental care) of more than 500 children in Nithari Village
  • Ireland team members opted for monthly payroll deductions to one or both of our charity partners: Aware and My Lovely Horse Rescue
  • In the Philippines, the company and team donated $230,000 in funding and in-kind donations to benefit 44,000 children, youth and their families. As an example, more than 550 TELUS International Philippines team members provided 22,650 education and hygiene kits to 20 public schools, which benefitted at least 14,500 students
  • In 2021, the team in Romania donated $88,000 through corporate sponsorships and in-kind contributions, supporting 13 local charities.

Additional financial contributions are made around the world by our team members and our company.

volunteers in Ireland climbed Mount Kilimanjaro virtually and raised $56,550


invested in Guatemala, supporting 44 charities

team members in the Philippines ran 22,880 miles, raising funds for last-mile schools

children ’s education, meals and medical needs supported by our team in India

volunteers in Bulgaria ran 37,280 miles, raising $60,000 for five charities

NGOs supported in El Salvador, including $100,000 to fund a neonatal unit