Our Leadership Team

Jeffrey Puritt Director of the Board, President & Chief Executive Officer

Michel Belec Chief Legal Officer & Corporate Secretary

Vanessa Kanu Chief Financial Officer

Maria Pardee Chief Commercial Officer

James Radzicki Chief Technology Officer

Michael Ringman Chief Information Officer

Marilyn Tyfting Chief Corporate Officer

Chuck Koskovich, Chief Operating Officer, resigned from our company effective January 31, 2022.

Please refer to our Annual Report on Form 20-F, beginning on page 83 for compensation information regarding our leadership team.

Mandatory Ethical Workplace training for all team members

Further to the TELUS International Code of Ethics and Conduct, all team members are expected to exhibit conduct that reflects inclusion during work, at work functions on or off the work site and at all other company-sponsored events. All employees are also required to attend and complete respectful workplace and integrity training to enhance their knowledge to fulfill this responsibility.

We have an ethics reporting system available confidentially to all team members, which is operated by a third party provider. All Ethics Office incidents are investigated and corrective action is taken as required.

Supplier diversity and conduct

Our Supplier Diversity Program delivers an improved and innovative customer experience by taking proactive steps to provide equal access to suppliers, reflecting the diversity of where we live, work and serve. Our suppliers are encouraged to identify, adopt and integrate diverse suppliers into their processes, so their own supply base reflects the true make-up of society. The program encourages economic development and provides more opportunities for culturally diverse, Indigenous, LGBTQIA2S+, Veteran, Persons with Disabilities and/or women-owned organizations to bid for our business in competitive processes.

Additionally, TELUS International has adopted a Code of Ethics for suppliers.